In order to make well-founded decisions, people in business need reliable and up-to-date information from finance, accounting and controlling. Depending on the topic, further internal and external information may be necessary.  Information must be complete, up-to-date, reliable and consistent.  Information sources, causes and effects must be transparent.

Accounting and controlling

Although quite easy, accounting and controlling are unfortunately often seen as an annoying duty in small and medium-sized companies. Adequate use is often not made of automation options. The reporting system is not very informative and has a history-oriented structure.

We want your accounting and controlling departments to support you in making quick and reliable daily and non-routine decisions.

Brief company analysis

In special situations or before important business decisions, such as the admission of new shareholders, refinancing, large investments, a short inventory of the company is often helpful to make the effects of the upcoming decisions on the company transparent.

With our short and target-oriented company analysis, we provide you with an objective decision-making aid.

System of indicators

A few key indicators are often sufficient to assess the status and development of the company. A quick glance after work is enough. Monitoring and maintaining the key indicators is the be-all and end-all. Financial key figures come in all forms. There are also other important key indicators (e.g. employee satisfaction, machine hours, degree of innovation).  But which ones does the entrepreneur actually need to have his business development under control?

We support you in the development, implementation or verification of a suitable key performance indicator system.

Business planning

Corporate planning and ongoing target/actual comparison are important building blocks of sustainable corporate management. Integrated corporate planning helps to make optimum use of scarce resources. The existence of transparent and integrated corporate planning is also often essential for positive financing decisions by lenders. If there is no business planning, no target/actual comparisons can be carried out. The company drives on sight. As a result, risks and opportunities may not be identified and measures taken until it is too late.

We are happy to support you in the preparation of an objective business plan or the plausibility check of existing business plans. We create our integrated business plans with established planning software.