A group of private investors mainly from Germany, Swiss and China were interested to buy all shares in a multi-million premium fashion company. The core brand was established and renown for its quality and design for more than 50 years. The company had global footprint, however European and US sales had been dominant.


We had been engaged by the lead investor immediately after the seller had granted exclusivity. The seller was advised by a large global investment bank.

Our main task was to support the established transaction team, which was lead by an international law firm and a small family office. Therefore, Thilo Stassen was appointed as the sole managing director of the acquisition entities (SPVs) and was responsible for the execution of the intended transaction. Thus, he had to interact frequently with the engaged Due Diligence firms, the leading family office, financing bank and club-investors. The contact to the seller was still managed by the leading investor himself.


Ultimately the deal could not successfully be signed and closed, as a few days before the scheduled signing, all of the sudden the seller increased the agreed purchase price by far. Therefore, it was decided to step out of the process.